• Infrastructure


      Blackfriars Station is a key Mass Transit Hub connecting passengers from Brighton and Bedford to the London Underground network.

      Quiligotti was pleased to be awarded the contract to supply 4200 M2 Enhanced Slip Resistance Terrazzo Tiles for the major extension and refurbishment of the station.
      Quiligotti Enhanced Slip Resistance Tiles was specified providing slip resistance values (SRV’s) in excess of ‘40’ using the pendulum testing method, fitted with a 96 rubber slider (formerly 4s). The SRV results meet the standard established by London Underground, Network Rail and the recommendation of the Health and Safety Executive.
      Matching precast terrazzo units for staircase areas was also supplied, fitted with AATI stair nosing designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, London Underground and Network Rails standard.
      Improvement to the station includes a 60% increase in passenger capacity, step free access and increased platform lengths from 8 to 12 carriages. Passengers are also able to access the station from both the North and South sides of the river Thames.
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    • Kingston International Airport

      Kingston International Airport

      Kingston (Norman Manley) International Airport is Jamaica's key international transport hub, dubbed 'The Best of the Caribbean'. Over 1.7 million people arrive into Jamaica through the airport annually, and it is an important economic centre of the city of Kingston, employing over 3,500 people and handling over 70% of Jamaica's commercial air freight.

      Quiligotti Slimline Terrazzo is a hard-wearing floor covering which can be customised to suit varied project requirements and designs. Terrazzo is the ideal choice for spaces with large expanse of space where durability and technical features of the flooring are paramount. The installation method of Terrazzo, by grinding and flood grouting the tiles on-site, create a monolithic, even surface which is highly specified in mass-transit areas with wheeled and trolley traffic.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo provided 10,000m2 of Slimline Terrazzo flooring within the new multi-million pound redevelopment of the three level departures building of Kingston International Airport. It was professionally installed with project specific guidance from Terrazzo experts from Quiligotti.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo created a number of bespoke colours for Kingston International Airport which reflected the colours in the Jamaican flag as well as the deep blue sea of the Caribbean. The inclusion of a Jamaican flag design assists in the presentation of the airport as one of Jamaica's flagship national developments, whilst the deep blue Terrazzo tile colour creates a welcoming design that reflects the natural splendour of the Caribbean Sea, linking with the 'Best of the Caribbean' theme.
      Quiligotti project management teams worked closely with project managers and representatives from KIER construction and Llewellyn Davies Yeang Architects on the project, in creating a unique and world class airport development that delivers improved quality of service to passengers and airport users whilst continuing to comply with both local and international standards for safety and aviation security.

  • Retail


      Quiligotti Terrazzo Tiles Ltd are pleased to announce the recent supply of 48,000 sq ft of Terrazzo tiles to RGCM the Main Contractor on Asda Birkenhead Store that recently opened early November 2011, the floor finish is a superb testimony to the quality of Quiligotti Terrazzo.

      Asda Birkenhead is one of a number of Asda Stores throughout the UK that has been supplied with Quiligotti Terrazzo tiles reference Asda X10694 in 2011.
      Quiligotti have a long established relationship with Asda going back over 45 years to the days of the foundation of  Asda from “Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Ltd” as a supermarket retailer.
      We believe that Asda choose Quiligotti Terrazzo Tiles for their Aesthetics of a seamless monolithic look; renowned for their Durability, Hardwearing and easy to Clean and Maintain in a store trading for 24 hours, the tiles are extremely cost effective with Green Credentials and a low carbon footprint as the longevity of Quiligotti Terrazzo floor tiles will in most circumstances last the “Life Span” of the Asda Store.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo Tiles factory is based in Manchester and is ideally placed to deliver Terrazzo tiles to anywhere in the UK within 24 hours, and we are proud of our association with Asda for 40 + years supplying the majority of their stores through out the UK with over 25 million sq ft of Terrazzo tiles.  
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      The opening of Grafton Shopping World, a $50 million re-development (approx. £22.3m sterling) near Brisbane has been received with delight by the local shoppers. The multi-million dollar development benefits from a beautiful, long-lasting Quiligotti Terrazzo flooring which creates a monolithic, striking surface feature for the malls and concourses

      Quiligotti Terrazzo is ideal for shopping centres offering a smooth flooring surface that is suitable for wheeled and high traffic areas. Quiligotti Terrazzo's unique attributes provide an attractive and practical, easy to clean flooring solution.
      A unique feature of Quiligotti Terrazzo is the ability to tailor the appearance to suit a particular architectural and interior design scheme. The aggregate colour and size can be altered along with the tile background colour. Additionally, water jet cutting and other specialist decoration techniques can be used to apply logos or decorative elements to the flooring to create eye-catching entrance or centre pieces, and other bespoke designs.
      This choice of colours and design options of Quiligotti Terrazzo played an integral part in the specification for the Grafton Shopping World. A modern light colourway was chosen for the main shopping areas, creating a spacious and contemporary ambiance. A vivid red tile arranged in a square cluster form along side a Dark Grey tile functions as a divider between the main concourse and café and rest areas.
      In addition to the design flexibility attributes, many architects and worldwide organisations are interested in the sustainability of flooring solutions. To meet the requirement for reliable sustainability data, Quiligotti sustainability experts have conducted in-depth research into life cycle analysis and costing, carbon footprint and environmental profiles of a range of flooring materials. Terrazzo is considered a highly sustainable material and boasts an environmental profile rating of 'A' in the UK Green Guide to Specification compiled by BRE (Building Research Organisation), the World's leading research organisation for sustainability across the built environment.
      The mall was built by and is managed by The McConaghy Group whose shopping centres are renowned for their quality of design and detailed emphasis on shopper comfort and security for added value shopping experience.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo product specialists and project teams are pleased to have participated in this fantastic project and are delighted to have provided a modern and sustainable flooring solution that will last for years to come.



      The White Rose Centre in Leeds is a large retail development which was originally completed in 1997, and extended in 2005 with the addition of a further six stores.

      Quiligotti Terrazzo has an established reputation for providing flooring solutions in major public thoroughfares such as airports and railway station concourses, supermarkets and shopping malls.
      One of the major benefits of Terrazzo flooring is its versatility. With Quiligotti's bespoke sampling service, an almost infinite variety of designs and special effects can be achieved. Terrazzo gives architects and designers total freedom to create a truly original floor. As well as being able to choose the base colour and aggregates, it is also possible to use water jet cutting techniques to create intricate designs to further enhance the look of any bespoke specification.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo flooring played an important part in the creation of the striking interior design scheme at the White Rose Centre. Bold flooring designs are complemented by an equally bold stairway and escalator arrangement which link the public areas and stores on two floors.
      In demanding environments, such as shopping centres, Terrazzo is a highly praised choice due to its ability to deliver a durable, easy-to-maintain, safe and wear-resistant flooring solution. Combining this with the beautiful colour schemes and natural materials such as marble and other aggregates, Terrazzo opens up a whole range of innovative applications and designs.
      The inspiration for the design at the White Rose Centre came from Building Design Partnership (BDP) of Sheffield. BDP is a multi-discipline practice of architects, designers and engineers and they aim to provide comprehensive, integrated design services. Their design ideas are based on sustainability, functionality and elegance. Making it all happen was Main Contractor, AMEC. A. Andrews & Sons of Leeds were chosen for their vast experience, technical expertise and unrivalled track record as one of the UK's leading hard-floor contractors.
      The Quiligotti Terrazzo tiles used were 497x497mm square in a specially-made combination of Greek White Marble and Italian Green aggregate set in a white cement background. All the patterned central areas and borders were in a special dark green design. The Terrazzo flooring at the White Rose Centre always looks clean - and, of course, its fantastic appearance will stay that way for years to come.



      The Wayfarers Arcade is a Grade II listed building located on Southport's famous Lord Street Boulevard, in a prime location directly opposite the town hall. It is occupied by a range of high profile and specialist independent local retailers, containing 30 individual retail units. The town of Southport is celebrated for its Georgian and Victorian elegance and the interior of the Wayfarers Arcade is a prime example of this traditional style.

      Terrazzo is renowned as an attractive yet durable product that is ideal for a wide range of public areas, including shopping centres and arcades. The tiles can be created to individual recipes to suit individual design schemes and create striking features.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo tiles were installed by approved fixers A Andrews & Sons Tiles within the Wayfarers Arcade.
      Specified to provide a highly durable surface solution for the main shopping arcade area, Terrazzo provides a strong and resilient finish that is designed to last the lifetime of the development. The surface is extremely low maintenance, meaning that it is easy to clean and highly suited to areas with high foot fall.
      Terrazzo is a material with almost limitless design capabilities, whereby individual recipes can be created to provide unique colour and design options. The bespoke Terrazzo at Wayfarers creates a sense of individuality. The centrepiece compass pattern is complemented by simple grey diamond shapes on a simple white background and a thin grey border running alongside the shop fronts.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo at the Wayfarers Arcade in Southport assists in the creation of an effective and attractive long term flooring solution that meets the requirement for the conservation of the traditional design of the grade II listed building. The flooring adds to the timeless elegance that the Georgian interior provides.

  • Public Sector


      Leeds Magistrate Court is one of the city’s most important pieces of modern architecture combining contemporary design sympathetic to the style known as the “Leeds Look” typified by the use of dark red brickwork and steeply pitched grey slate roofs.

      Quiligotti was pleased to supply terrazzo tiles and bespoke precast terrazzo units commensurate with the high standards required for this prestigious building. Columns and doors surrounds have been enhanced with precast terrazzo providing additional prominence to the overall design.
      Following installation the floor finish was post ground and sealed to provide a flat floor finish free of lips and recessed joints.
      Architects and Designers, on such projects, tend to favour Terrazzo which is renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance.  Terrazzo lends itself to future alteration and renovation as it is possible to repair and resurface the floor to an “as new” look several years after the original installation.
      The durable characteristic of terrazzo will provide a high class flooring solution for many years to come which is good news for Leeds Magistrates Court.
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  • Commercial


      Quiligotti was pleased to supply a range of standard Terrazzo tiles, in contrasting shades, for the unique floor design at The Cribbar Public House, Newquay, the latest addition to the J.D Wetherspoons portfolio of properties.

      The project is a fine example of the versatility of Terrazzo and demonstrates how conventional Terrazzo tiles can be cut and laid, in a creative manner, to produce that contemporary look. The Terrazzo floor and surrounding finishes, fixtures and fittings complement each other to great effect.
      Quiligotti Terrazzo is an ideal choice for public houses. Correctly installed, Terrazzo is easily maintained due to the smooth, flush joints, preventing the inevitable spillage from sitting in recessed joints, typically found in other types of hard floor finish. The flat Terrazzo surface avoids the possibility of trips arising as a result of lipping tiles and greatly simplifies the cleaning and maintenance regime.
      Terrazzo tiles can be supplied in an almost infinite variety of shapes, sizes and colours with either straight or curved cuts or a combination of both. 
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