Blackfriars Station is a key Mass Transit Hub connecting passengers from Brighton and Bedford to the London Underground network.

Quiligotti was pleased to be awarded the contract to supply 4200 M2 Enhanced Slip Resistance Terrazzo Tiles for the major extension and refurbishment of the station.
Quiligotti Enhanced Slip Resistance Tiles was specified providing slip resistance values (SRV’s) in excess of ‘40’ using the pendulum testing method, fitted with a 96 rubber slider (formerly 4s). The SRV results meet the standard established by London Underground, Network Rail and the recommendation of the Health and Safety Executive.
Matching precast terrazzo units for staircase areas was also supplied, fitted with AATI stair nosing designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, London Underground and Network Rails standard.
Improvement to the station includes a 60% increase in passenger capacity, step free access and increased platform lengths from 8 to 12 carriages. Passengers are also able to access the station from both the North and South sides of the river Thames.
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