Fusion Solstice & Strata Terrazzo

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Need a different shade or pattern?
Pattern, colour and form can all be customized creating a world of choice over and above our standard portfolio.
Varying levels of finish can be achieved from honed to polished and bespoke designs with logos and decorative graphics are possible with water jet cutting and patterns. Call to find out more.

Product Group


Finish of Tiles

Smooth Surface

Weight per m2.

66kg (for 300 x 300mm)

See PDF datasheet opposite for all other weights.


297 x 297 x 28mm

300 x 300 x 28mm

397 x 397 x 33mm

400 x 400 x 33mm

497 x 497 x 38mm

500 x 500 x 38mm

597 x 597 x 42mm



Domestic Areas

Food Preparation Areas

Mass Transit Areas

Public Areas

Public Buildings

Railway Stations

Shopping Centres


Light Savanna Z30001 - Cream

Mid Savanna - Z30002 - Cream

Light Verna - Z30003 - Cream

Mid-Verna - Z30004 - Cream

Light Aqua - Z30005 - Green

Mid Aqua - Z30006 - Green

Light Delta - Z30007 - Green

Mid Delta - Z30008 - Blue

Light Mica - Z30009 - Grey

Mid Mica - Z30010 - Grey

Aura - Z30011 - Cream

Orb - Z30013 - Cream