Kingston International Airport

Kingston (Norman Manley) International Airport is Jamaica's key international transport hub, dubbed 'The Best of the Caribbean'. Over 1.7 million people arrive into Jamaica through the airport annually, and it is an important economic centre of the city of Kingston, employing over 3,500 people and handling over 70% of Jamaica's commercial air freight.

Quiligotti Slimline Terrazzo is a hard-wearing floor covering which can be customised to suit varied project requirements and designs. Terrazzo is the ideal choice for spaces with large expanse of space where durability and technical features of the flooring are paramount. The installation method of Terrazzo, by grinding and flood grouting the tiles on-site, create a monolithic, even surface which is highly specified in mass-transit areas with wheeled and trolley traffic.
Quiligotti Terrazzo provided 10,000m2 of Slimline Terrazzo flooring within the new multi-million pound redevelopment of the three level departures building of Kingston International Airport. It was professionally installed with project specific guidance from Terrazzo experts from Quiligotti.
Quiligotti Terrazzo created a number of bespoke colours for Kingston International Airport which reflected the colours in the Jamaican flag as well as the deep blue sea of the Caribbean. The inclusion of a Jamaican flag design assists in the presentation of the airport as one of Jamaica's flagship national developments, whilst the deep blue Terrazzo tile colour creates a welcoming design that reflects the natural splendour of the Caribbean Sea, linking with the 'Best of the Caribbean' theme.
Quiligotti project management teams worked closely with project managers and representatives from KIER construction and Llewellyn Davies Yeang Architects on the project, in creating a unique and world class airport development that delivers improved quality of service to passengers and airport users whilst continuing to comply with both local and international standards for safety and aviation security.