Quality assured

Quiligotti brought Terrazzo to the UK over 70 years ago and we still lead the market today. This is because quality is central to everything we do.

Quality of Materials

We use only the best raw materials to manufacture our tiles. From the cements to the aggregates and pigments we use, we have rigorous testing and quality standards in place ensuring we deliver a top quality product. 

Quality of Manufacture

Our manufacturing expertise is world renowned. Tiles are manufactured using the latest technology in accordance with quality procedures set up for ISO9001:2008 and exceed the performance requirements of BS EN 13748-1:2004.

Quality of Design

We have the expertise to design the perfect mix and create bespoke patterns and shades. This, along with all the necessary technical attributes ensures Quiligotti Terrazzo tiles will meet all your project requirements for slip resistance and industry standards.

Quality of Service 

We offer a total partnership approach and work closely with architects, engineers, designers and other industry professionals to always deliver the right flooring solution.