Quiligotti Supplies Asda Throughout the UK

Quiligotti Terrazzo Tiles were chosen by Asda for their 2012 new store programme. Over 250,000 sq ft of Terrazzo has been supplied to the supermarket giant, who has again been voted Britain's lowest priced supermarket for the 15th year running. Selected for its long life-cycle, ease of maintenance and unique surface, Quiligotti Terrazzo is the flooring under the feet of millions of Asda shoppers in 84 stores nationwide from Ramsgate to Bradford and across the borders into Northerm Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with Inverness, Tain, Armadale, Livingstone, Arbroath, Portadown and Ystalyfera among the most recently completed.

Quiligotti has a long and established relationship with Asda going back over 45 years to the days of its foundation as a supermarket retailer from “Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Ltd”.

Quiligotti Terrazzo floor tiles are ideal for demanding retail environments, providing a unique surface of superior quality. Extremely hardwearing, resistant to impact, fire, frost, abrasion and traffic, Quiligotti Terrazzo will outlast almost all other types of flooring and provide the lowest possible life-cycle costs. Tiles are flood grouted, ground and polished on site for an ultra-smooth, seamless and monolithic look perfectly suited to wheeled and heavy traffic applications. Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning, Quiligotti Terazzo exceeds the performance needs for stores trading 24 hours a day. Highly cost effective with a low carbon footprint,  Quiligotti Terrazzo floor tiles meets all specification objectives and provide a quality flooring solution for the life of the store.

Quiligotti's factory is based in Manchester and is ideally placed to deliver Terrazzo flooring solutions to anywhere in the UK within 24 hours. 


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