Quiligotti was pleased to supply a range of standard Terrazzo tiles, in contrasting shades, for the unique floor design at The Cribbar Public House, Newquay, the latest addition to the J.D Wetherspoons portfolio of properties.

The project is a fine example of the versatility of Terrazzo and demonstrates how conventional Terrazzo tiles can be cut and laid, in a creative manner, to produce that contemporary look. The Terrazzo floor and surrounding finishes, fixtures and fittings complement each other to great effect.
Quiligotti Terrazzo is an ideal choice for public houses. Correctly installed, Terrazzo is easily maintained due to the smooth, flush joints, preventing the inevitable spillage from sitting in recessed joints, typically found in other types of hard floor finish. The flat Terrazzo surface avoids the possibility of trips arising as a result of lipping tiles and greatly simplifies the cleaning and maintenance regime.
Terrazzo tiles can be supplied in an almost infinite variety of shapes, sizes and colours with either straight or curved cuts or a combination of both. 
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