The White Rose Centre in Leeds is a large retail development which was originally completed in 1997, and extended in 2005 with the addition of a further six stores.

Quiligotti Terrazzo has an established reputation for providing flooring solutions in major public thoroughfares such as airports and railway station concourses, supermarkets and shopping malls.
One of the major benefits of Terrazzo flooring is its versatility. With Quiligotti's bespoke sampling service, an almost infinite variety of designs and special effects can be achieved. Terrazzo gives architects and designers total freedom to create a truly original floor. As well as being able to choose the base colour and aggregates, it is also possible to use water jet cutting techniques to create intricate designs to further enhance the look of any bespoke specification.
Quiligotti Terrazzo flooring played an important part in the creation of the striking interior design scheme at the White Rose Centre. Bold flooring designs are complemented by an equally bold stairway and escalator arrangement which link the public areas and stores on two floors.
In demanding environments, such as shopping centres, Terrazzo is a highly praised choice due to its ability to deliver a durable, easy-to-maintain, safe and wear-resistant flooring solution. Combining this with the beautiful colour schemes and natural materials such as marble and other aggregates, Terrazzo opens up a whole range of innovative applications and designs.
The inspiration for the design at the White Rose Centre came from Building Design Partnership (BDP) of Sheffield. BDP is a multi-discipline practice of architects, designers and engineers and they aim to provide comprehensive, integrated design services. Their design ideas are based on sustainability, functionality and elegance. Making it all happen was Main Contractor, AMEC. A. Andrews & Sons of Leeds were chosen for their vast experience, technical expertise and unrivalled track record as one of the UK's leading hard-floor contractors.
The Quiligotti Terrazzo tiles used were 497x497mm square in a specially-made combination of Greek White Marble and Italian Green aggregate set in a white cement background. All the patterned central areas and borders were in a special dark green design. The Terrazzo flooring at the White Rose Centre always looks clean - and, of course, its fantastic appearance will stay that way for years to come.