A Sustainable Solution

Quiligotti Terrazzo offers an environmentally-friendly flooring solution with a sustainable profile. 100% of Quiligotti Terrazzo tiles are manufactured from 100% recycled aggregates. 

Terrazzo flooring is hardwearing and has a very long life-cycle thus reducing the impact on the environment and contributing valuable credits to many of the the industry’s environmental frameworks. It has been awarded an ‘B’ environmental profile rating in the Green Guide to Specification compiled by BRE (Building Research Establishment), the World’s leading research organisation for sustainability across the built environment.  

Designed to last the lifetime of the building, Terrazzo manufacture, cleaning and maintenance requires no environmentally volatile materials. During its manufacture, water is used in the grinding and polishing process to cool machinery. Wash-off water is collected, settled and filtered under pressure to extract any solids into a filter cake. This is then recycled at the cement works and converted back into gypsum – not sent to landfill – and these recycling processes mean that less virgin raw material is needed by UK cement manufacturers. 

Ask about our range of eco friendly tiles which contain aggregates sourced here in the UK offering a stylish flooring solution with minimal carbon footprint.

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