Why Terrazzo?

Made to outlast and outperform.

Design freedom – Pattern, colour and form can all be customized creating a world of choice over and above our standard portfolio. Varying levels of finish can be achieved from honed to polished and bespoke designs with logos and decorative graphics are possible with water jet cutting and patterns.

Long life-cycles – Terrazzo flooring is extremely hardwearing. Resistant to impact, fire, frost, abrasion and traffic, it will outlast almost all other types of floor and provide the lowest possible life cycle costs.

Unique surface – Tiles are flood grouted, ground and polished on site for an ultra-smooth, seamless and monolithic look making them the ideal flooring for wheeled and heavy traffic environments.

Excellent anti-static – Quiligotti Terrazzo has exceptional anti-static properties and conforms to the industry standards required for highly demanding environments such as operating theatres. 

Low maintenance – Quiligotti Terrazzo flooring is renowned for ease of cleaning and maintenance without the use of any environmentally volatile materials.

For quicker finishing on site, why not talk to us about our Factory Finished Terrazzo range. This innovative 23mm tile can be installed with different thicknesses of bed from 5mm up to 250mm subject to zone tolerances.

Tiles can be installed monolithically (wet-in-wet) on cement sand bed, adhesive fixed to pre-screeds or adhesive fixed directly onto a suitable sub-floor, subject to site tolerances.

The Factory Finished option eliminates the need for the conventional process of post-grinding on site and consequently the need for a curing period between flood grouting and grinding (typically 4 to 5 days depending on atmospheric conditions) saving time and money. If specified, tiles can also be factory sealed in a controlled environment, further reducing the number of site operations.

Factory Finished tiles can be calibrated to reduced thicknesses to accommodate minimum site zone depths and loading weights.

  • 297 x 297mm and 300 x 300mm tiles: from 28mm to 23mm.
  • 397 x 397mm and 400 x 400mm tiles: from 33mm to 23mm.
  • 497 x 497mm and 500 x 500mm tiles: from 38mm to 28mm.
  • 597 x 597mm tiles: from 42mm to 32mm.

Quiligotti Finished Laid Terrazzo tiles can be supplied in any pattern, shade or design. Call 0161 727 9798 to find out more.

For special shapes take a look at our Pre-cast Terrazzo options. Terrazzo can be formed into staircases, skirtings, column bases and made to almost any shape – finished, polished and delivered to site ready for installation.

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