Dundee Station, Dundee

Quiligotti Slip resistant terrazzo tiles were specified for Dundee Station upgrade as part of the Waterfront Regeneration Project. Quiligotti slip resistant tiles contain a slip resistant additive through the full thickness of the decorative tile layer providing a slip resistant surface throughout the life cycle of the tile.




ScotRail and Network Rail

Slip Resistant

Dundee Station, Dundee

Liaising very closely throughout the project with NRSA Architects and Balfour Beatty,  Quiligotti provided detailed technical data required to ensure just the right spec was provided for their part in the redevelopment of Dundee Station.

The client needed us to be flexible with delivery dates due to several changes to the installation schedule.

Very heavy duty Terrazzo tiles were supplied for the upper concourse and lounge area, and these tiles contained both Carborundum and Granite making the PTV value well in excess of 40 in the wet.

We manufactured all of the tiles on the same production run but as this was a working train station, we were happy to store batches and supply in several separate deliveries to help work around space limitations and health and safety requirements on site.