Leeds Magistrates Court, Leeds

Leeds Magistrate Court is one of the city’s most important pieces of modern architecture combining contemporary design sympathetic to the style known as the “Leeds Look” typified by the use of dark red brickwork and steeply pitched grey slate roofs.

Public Sector

Leeds Magistrate Court

Leeds Magistrates Court, Leeds
Quiligotti was pleased to supply terrazzo tiles and bespoke precast terrazzo units commensurate with the high standards required for this prestigious building. Columns and doors surrounds have been enhanced with precast terrazzo providing additional prominence to the overall design.

Following installation the floor finish was post ground and sealed to provide a flat floor finish free of lips and recessed joints.

Architects and Designers, on such projects, tend to favour Terrazzo which is renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance.  Terrazzo lends itself to future alteration and renovation as it is possible to repair and resurface the floor to an “as new” look several years after the original installation.

The durable characteristic of terrazzo will provide a high class flooring solution for many years to come which is good news for Leeds Magistrates Court.