Storyhouse Theatre, Chester

Opened in May 2017, Storyhouse is a library, theatre, cinema, community hub, cultural centre and restaurant. The building was formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen and The Duchess of Sussex, in June 2018 and it had over one million visits in its first year. Quiligotti were delighted to supply Terrazzo for the external entrance to the building.


Kier Construction

Slip Resistant

Ellis Williams Architects

Storyhouse Theatre, Chester

Quiligotti were asked to supply Terrazzo for the external ramp entrance to the Storyhouse Theatre, along with some pre-cast Terrazzo steps.

Liaising with Ellis Williams Architects and Kier Construction on the project, we created two bespoke colour samples for approval to match existing flooring, and slip resistant terrazzo tiles containing carborundum.  The two different colours provided a clear difference between the sloping and flat areas of the ramp conforming to British Standards. The Pre-cast Terrazzo steps were made to measure using two colours to create borders on which for the handrails to be fitted.  Metal anti-slip metal rods were then fitted after installation of the steps.