Terrazzo Pre-Cast Solutions

Pre-cast Terrazzo units can be created in almost any shape or size, depending on the complexity and application. All standard units are factory polished to a finished condition and delivered to site ready to install. Pre-cast Terrazzo is well known for its strong and durable properties. Furthermore, in return for regular cleaning using warm water and neutral detergent (pH7), all units will retain their appearance almost indefinitely. Coved skirtings and stair units in particular are ideal for applications where hygiene is an important factor due to their smooth, easy to clean surface.

Pre-cast Terrazzo is manufactured in two stages:

Casting – All the standard profiles detailed are vibrated to an extent which forcibly removes entrapped air and compacts the marble aggregates ensuring maximum density prior to polishing.

Polishing – Most standard pre-cast units are polished on automated machinery.

Quiligotti Terrazzo is manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply or exceed the requirements of European Standard BS 5383-5:2009.

Skirtings – Our Standard skirting sizes are 300 x 98 x 12mm & 300 x 148 x 12mm pencil round edge. However, we can manufacture skirtings to any size or specification. Call 0161 727 9798 to find out more.